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Here you can send me a message over a bot I made, but please dont spam me / send inappropiate content, that could get you banned / blacklisted from my services

this website is a fucking joke
so is my life

Welcome to my website

So what do we here?
We discuss why you would need my services as a programmer and list my creations up here.
So sit tight, here we go.
First, lets go off by scrolling down a bit. There you will see my creations and the themes we said we gonna discuss here.
On the left, you see a little guide thru my story. Begin by clicking "Info" or scrolling down a bit.

Why you need my services

I am a very good and coordinated programmer that can do following languages:
Css, Javascript / Node.js, Html and a bit of batch.
If you need anything in those languages, I'm here to help.

About me

I am a 15 year old boy, interested in programming in Css, Javascript, Node.js, HTML5 and batch. If you need my services, contact me!
My hobbies: I'm playing the drums, often helping in programming stuff and helping other people in my school when they need assistance in PC-releated stuff.
I have a wide range of programming languages to choose from so everything is possible.
How to contact me:
Discord: Skipper#1234
Reddit: /u/RLinux12
Hit me up if you have any questions

My projects

YTP Jails

A bot for YouTubePlays


A bot for a friend of mine

Little pika

Aigan, a bot project for a friend of mine


A bigger bot I helped developing

This page

The webpage you are looking at right now

Pong online

A online version of the first game ever